Tastiest & Healthiest Burger

I love my runner’s world cookbook but when I saw this recipe for a meat and grain burger I thought no way that is going to be tasty.

Boy was I wrong, do your self a favour people and try this out it is super yummy, super moist (which I thought couldn’t be possible) and good for you!



Travel Stress

I travel a lot always from one side of the world to the other, normally every month I would say I’m a pretty seasoned traveller. Time and time again something goes wrong. Its sad that I was at the check in counter early enough for my flight tody from USA to Australia and then there it is some sort of ticketing fiasco with my booking.

Ok I thought to myself you have been through this before, but the check in agent did not care but was trying her best to rectify the situation. After standing in front of her for 20 mins I picked up my phone rang my airline and got it sorted for her.

I just wish she had cared a little more and her airline, the one I was standing in front of face to face moved a little quicker. Instead I called mine from the other side of the world and they fixed it.

If you do have to travel give yourself plenty of time for when the agent you have to deal with really doesn’t have any interest and is just there to collect her pay.

Stronger Than We Know

Kids are amazing, we spend our lives trying to protect them but are we really aware of what they can endure. About 2 months ago my 2 year old boy was diagnosed with Leukaemia and I felt helpless having to live in hospital with him for the first round of treatment for a month, but he took it head on accepted it without question and battled through it like a champ.

Now he is home I watch him play and it’s like he isn’t sick at all. He gets jabbed weekly through this port thing that’s under his skin in his chest, and he takes daily chemo medication but he takes it in his stride and doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

Kids are truly amazing little individuals they learn so much, are so smart and tougher than we know, I think the only thing they need from us is to get them food and protect them from adults, not themselves.IMG_3721

The Love Of Running

I love to run, it’s hard being a big guy getting back into running the highs and sometimes lows are amazing. When your feeling good your on top of the world.
The running community, the people in it are so cool. I was recently running on one of my training runs from my house in Bellevue Kentucky rounded a corner there was a massive group of people going on a training run from a local running store. It was a group training for the flying pig marathon in May.
I didn’t know any of these people in fact I had only been in the store once but tacked on to the group and ran along with them. Everyone in the group were so friendly and were happy to have me jog along. I wish I had done the entire run with the group but I had already been at it for some time before I got to the group.

Running Pain

So I ran my fastest 5K time on the weekend at the Cincinnati Cyclones Frozen 5K, gave myself a couple of days off before my next training run. Did my run last night I was supposed to run 4.5 miles (7.2 k’s) but had tremendous amount of pain on the inside of my knee.

So feeling a little dejected I started to think what the hell is going on. Then I worked it out, being rushed for time doing the dad and husband thing I skipped any form of warm up apart from some half-assed hamstring and quad stretch. Being a 37 year old, 280 lbs big rig I really should have stretched more because any high I was on from running a 30.33 5K was quickly gone when I failed to see out my training distance.

Pain Is Just Weakness Leaving The Body, I say. Somehow I think I have still got some weakness in there.